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Our Story

Welcome to Acentus, America’s premier provider of vital medical supplies delivered directly to your home. Acentus was formed by combining the category expertise of two experienced, like-minded providers; Ally Medical Services and Preston Wound Care. Through this partnership, we created a national, family-owned medical supply company with a connecting and caring culture. It's an important distinction compared to the "Wall-Street" owned companies we compete against. We like to say we are a company of parents, not a parent-company and we pride ourselves on your satisfaction, not on our bottom line. You experience it each time with the friendly, personal service touch and overall care philosophy of Acentus. For over 20 years, founders Brett Carroll, Todd Cianfrocca, Greg Duvall and Julio Valdivia along with a team of highly trained, caring professionals have helped improve the quality of life for thousands of medically needy clients across the country requiring disposable medical supplies to manage their chronic conditions. The entire Acentus team appreciates each opportunity we have to demonstrate our commitment to your better health.


You have a lot going on. We’ll take it from here.

We've made the process to begin services with us super easy.

STEP 1 - Provide us with your information.

Our professionally trained New Client Coordinators will gather your contact information, doctor, insurance, supplies you use, etc. We'll also answer any iniital questions you have and let you know about any new products that may benefit your specific condition.

STEP 2 - We'll work behind the scenes.

We'll research your insurance benefits, contact your doctor to obtain all the required medical documentation, obtain any prior authorizatons needed from your insurance and build a medical products supply plan tailored specifically for you.

STEP 3 - Your supplies are on the way.

We'll ship your order to your doorstep from one of our strategiclly located warehouses. You'll receive your supplies accurately and on time every single month.

With compassion, patience and technology, we'll help make your life a lot easier.

You’re in great hands.

Acentus will deliver your vital medical supplies directly to your doorstep, on time and worry-free.