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Acentus specializes in the home delivery of vital medical supplies for people with special healthcare needs.

Diabetes CGM

"The CGM device provided by Acentus has been life changing. No more painful finger sticks and my doctor tells me I'm able to better control my A1C levels."

Wound Care

"When my father developed a foot ulcer due to his diabetes, Acentus worked with the wound care center to get his supplies covered by his insurance. They shipped his dressings directly to the house and took care of all the paperwork too."


"After my injury, Acentus helped me select the right catheter and worked directly with my doctor and insurance company to qualify me for the catheters I need. Now, I get my products shipped right to my door each month with no hassles."


"Acentus helped us get our son's incontinence products covered through our insurance provider. Now his supplies are shipped directly to our home with no worries about running out."

Medical Nutrition

"Our Acentus New Client Coordinator worked with my daughter's gastroenterologist, dietician and case manager to develop a medical nutrition plan of care. Now, I don't have to worry about when her feeding supplies will arrive each month."

The Acentus Approach

You have a lot going on. We’ll take it from here.

The Acentus Mission

Simply put, our mission is to serve you. We strive to be the leading medical products supplier through superior patient service, integrity, innovation & professionalism, with a focus on always doing what’s right for our employees, patients, payer partners & referral sources.

A Company Of Parents, Not A Parent Company.

Acentus is one of the few remaining family-owned, national medical supply companies in the U.S. Often times, you experience this critical difference by the personal service touch and care philosophy of the Acentus team versus the "Wall-Street" owned companies we compete against. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction, not on our bottom line.

Choosing The Right Product For You.

There are many facets to choosing the right medical products to fit your needs. Comfort, ease of use and insurance parameters, to name a few. Acentus has years of experience understanding the benefits, documentation and reimbursement requirements of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance plans to help you optomize outcomes while minimizing your out of pocket expenses.


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